Recently FDA-approved for treating dark, sunken under-eyes, Restylane® Eyelight™ is the latest addition to the Restylane family of dermal fillers. This hyaluronic acid gel filler is the first and only product to use patented NASHA™ (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid) technology to create firm, natural-looking volume in the under-eye area. The result is a brighter, more youthful appearance with clinically proven safety and maximum effectiveness.

What Does Restylane Eyelight Do?

Restylane Eyelight is specially formulated to add volume to the under-eye area, “filling in” sunken eye hollows and brightening dark circles. As we age, we begin to lose facial volume in areas like the cheeks and under eyes, which can not only create a tired-looking appearance, but can also contribute to dark circles by inhibiting the reflection of light in the hollowed area. By restoring lost facial volume in the tear trough area between the cheek and lower eyelid, Restylane Eyelight can reduce dark under-eye shadows.

Is Restylane Eyelight the Same as Restylane?

Restylane Eyelight is similar to other dermal fillers in the Restylane family, with a few notable differences. Eyelight is formulated specifically for treating under-eye hollows and dark circles. It uses patented NASHA technology, which is a different type of hyaluronic acid (HA) that very closely mimics the body’s own HA. The result is a “firm gel texture (or ‘supportive gel’) that is resistant to water absorption, which makes Restylane Eyelight a safe, natural-looking solution for volume loss under the eyes,” according to Vice President of Medical Affairs at Galderma Bill Andriopoulos, PhD.

Who Is Restylane Eyelight Best For?

Restylane Eyelight is FDA-approved for use in those older than 21. This filler is best for women and men who are beginning to notice hollowed or sunken-in under eye shadows. Generally speaking, good candidates for under-eye filler have mild volume loss and/or skin laxity under the eyes and thicker skin. However, Restylane Eyelight’s NASHA technology minimizes excess water absorption, making it ideal for thinner, more delicate skin under the eyes.

Who Should Not Get Under-Eye Filler?

Before moving forward with any type of dermal filler, including Restylane Eyelight, talk to your provider about any allergies you may have. People with a history of anaphylaxis, lidocaine allergy, or allergy to any of the proteins used to make the hyaluronic acid used in Eyelight should not receive this treatment.

Additionally, under-eye filler may not be the most effective option for those looking to treat festoons or malar bags, which are swollen, puffy areas below the lower eyelid or above the upper eyelid.

The best way to determine whether or not you could be a good candidate for Restylane Eyelight is to schedule a consultation with an experienced injectable filler provider who offers this new filler option.

How Many Syringes of Eyelight Are Needed?

The exact amount of Restylane Eyelight that you might need will depend on your specific goals and the severity of your symptoms. However, in most cases, a single syringe of Eyelight is enough to treat both eyes. Because of how delicate the skin in the under-eye area is, it is important that this area is not overfilled, which can lead to puffiness. Be sure to work with an experienced filler provider to ensure natural-looking results.

When Will You See Eyelight Results?

You can expect to see an initial improvement in the appearance of under-eye dark circles and hollows within just a few days after getting Restylane Eyelight. However, it can take 10 to 14 days for your final Eyelight results to develop and for any mild swelling or bruising to completely diminish.

How Long Does Restylane Eyelight Last?

Restylane Eyelight can last up to 18 months after your appointment, making one of the longest-lasting under-eye fillers. While the longevity of your tear trough filler will depend on a variety of factors, including how much filler was injected and how quickly your body metabolizes the product, there are few things you can do to help prolong your Eyelight results, such as:

  • Avoid vigorously rubbing your eyes.
  • Reduce sun exposure and wear sunglasses when outdoors.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Pair fillers with medical-grade skincare products for your skin type.

Is Restylane Eyelight Safe?

Yes, Restylane Eyelight is FDA approved based on efficacy and safety data from clinical trials, which show that 87% of patients did not experience any adverse effects after receiving Eyelight treatments. In the minority of patients who did report side effects from Eyelight, the most common included swelling, redness, tenderness, pain, bruising, and itching.
Additionally, 87% of patients saw a reduction in under-eye hollowness three months after treatment, and 93% of patients said they would want to receive Eyelight again at the 12-month mark.

Be sure to let your provider know if you have any known allergies or have experienced adverse reactions to other dermal fillers in the past prior to your Eyelight appointment.

Restylane vs. Juvederm: What’s the Difference?

Restylane and Juvederm are two of the most popular hyaluronic acid dermal fillers available, and they certainly have many similarities. However, one of the main notable differences between Restylane Eyelight and Juvederm for under-eye hollowness and dark circles is the formulation of hyaluronic acid that is used in each.

What sets Restylane Eyelight apart from other similar hyaluronic acid fillers is its NASHA technology. This specific patented formulation of hyaluronic acid has firmer consistency than other under-eye fillers and does not retain water as well. This allows Eyelight to come with a lower risk of swelling in the delicate under-eye area.

That said, the best under-eye filler for you can depend on a number of factors, and your dermal filler treatment should be customized to suit your unique needs and goals.

In Summary

Restylane Eyelight is a newly FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler used to reduce the appearance of hollowed or dark undereyes. Its patented NASHA technology makes Restylane uniquely equipped to treat the delicate under-eye area with minimal swelling and puffiness.

If you think new Restylane Eyelight could be right for you, call our Delray Beach office at (561) 692-6422 or get in touch with us online to schedule your consultation today to discuss your goals and create a customized dermal filler plan with one of our experienced skincare professionals.