If you are considering options to address birthmarks and enhance your skin’s appearance, Feinstein Dermatology offers non-invasive treatments and surgical interventions to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Our board-certified doctors in Delray Beach, FL can provide personalized advice for birthmark removal to enhance your overall look and boost your confidence.

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Types of Birthmarks

There are two basic categories of birthmarks: pigmented birthmarks and red birthmarks.

Pigmented birthmarks may grow anywhere on the skin, usually manifesting as black, brown, or flesh-colored. Pigmented birthmarks are sometimes isolated, but they can also appear in groups. Sometimes, they take on the appearance of moles or even subtle blue-ish bruises.

Red birthmarks are related to the blood vessels and can manifest in a few different ways:

  • Angel kisses usually appear on the forehead or eyelids.
  • Stork bites tend to show up on the back of the neck, between the eyebrows, or on the eyelids.
  • Port-wine birthmarks are purple or deep red in color and usually appear on the face.
  • Strawberry hemangiomas, caused by tightly-clustered blood vessels, may appear anywhere on the body.

Treatment Options

Most birthmarks are harmless, and clinical intervention is not strictly necessary. You may choose to remove birthmarks to enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence. Whether you select removal for aesthetic or medical purposes, our dermatology team will closely evaluate it and recommend options for minimizing the birthmark’s visibility. Laser therapy can be an especially popular and non-surgical solution, causing birthmarks to fade considerably.

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Birthmark FAQs

Most birthmarks are harmless and don’t require medical intervention. However, it’s essential to have any changing or unusual birthmarks evaluated by a dermatologist to rule out potential issues.

Some birthmarks, particularly those known as “stork bites” or “angel kisses,” may fade or lighten over time. However, not all birthmarks change, and some may persist throughout a person’s life.

While the majority of birthmarks are harmless, some specific types may be associated with underlying health conditions. Dr. Feinstein can assess and provide guidance if further investigation is needed.

Most birthmarks are not preventable, as they often occur spontaneously. Taking good care of your skin during pregnancy and protecting infants from excessive sun exposure may help prevent certain types of birthmarks.

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