Epifix® is a dehydrated human amnion/chorion membrane allograft. The product provides a semi-permeable barrier that supports the healing cascade and protects the wound bed to aid in the development of granulation tissue in acute and chronic closures.

Use of Epifix®:

Wounds of varying sizes can present various obstacles to healing. Primary closure of a wound is often difficult in areas of high tension or where there may not be sufficient skin to close the wound. Secondary closure of wounds (healing on their own) can take considerable time and is often accompanied by significant scarring or complications of delayed healing including infection and wound contraction. Depending on the severity of the wound and the healing, your provider may recommend weekly in-office applications.

Post-care Instructions:

  • Keep bandage completely dry for one (1) week following application or until follow up.
  • When showering, cover the entire bandage with a waterproof boot.
  • Do NOT get the bandage wet. If the bandage accidentally gets wet, please contact the office for bandage change.
  • Do NOT remove the bandage placed by your physician’s office until your follow up or advised to do so.
  • Keep surgical site elevated as much as possible to increase healing of surgical wound.

Waterproof Boot Instructions:

  • Carefully slide your leg through the opening.
  • Gently pull the waterproof boot up by the corners.
  • Pull back down slightly to complete the seal.

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